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Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser - 3 Temperature Settings Review.

Updated: Dec 31, 2020

This is a Bottom Loading Water Dispenser with Hot, medium, and Cold water settings.

We just purchased the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler. After setting up this product and using it for two weeks I am recommending the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler. It looks really nice and most important of all the Hot water is hot and the Cold water is cold.

In this blog I went thru the setup process for the Avalon Bottom Loading Water cooler. The water does get hot enough to make tea. Be careful and try not to burn yourself like I did. Read the whole blog to see how to avoid burning yourself while making a hot cup of tea.

My initial review of this product is that it is better than expected. It looks really nice with the Durable Stainless Steel construction. You can have instant burning hot water for your morning and evening tea. Plus, you can have ice cold water to cool off in the afternoon.

A water bottle is not included with the Avalon Water Dispenser. A standard 5 gal water bottle cost me $15 at the local water and ice store. Each refill will cost 25 cents a gallon. We were buying a case of water every week. The mini fridge in our loft was always filled with water bottles. We are looking forward to freeing up some space in our mini fridge.

The Water Dispenser was protected in shipping with two boxes, Styrofoam and plastic wrapping. There are directions taped to the top of the dispenser. Once the water dispenser is removed from all of it packaging the directions are easy to follow.

1. Install the water Bottle.

  1. Remove the cap from the water bottle.

  2. Insert the probe into the water bottle.

  3. Push the collar down onto the top of the water bottle until it clicks into place.

  4. Slide the head down to put the tube at the bottom of the water bottle.

2. Installing the Drip pan/tray.

a. Slide the Drip pan/tray into place until it clicks.

3. Turn the power on.

a. Plug the cord into a properly grounded outlet.

b. Dispense some water from each of the spouts.

c. Turn on the heating and cooling switches on the back of the unit.

d. To turn on the night light, it is on the back of the unit as well.

4. Test the hot and cold buttons.

a. I waited one hour to test the unit.

b. The hot was hot.

c. The cold was cold.

Some of the negative reviews on Amazon say that the cooler is too loud. It seems to make some noise when filling up the hot and cold water tanks. Most of the time it is quite quiet. After having the cooler for a few days, it doesn't seem any louder than the mini fridge that it is next to, with only some occasional added noise.

There is a child safety lock on the hot water but it didn't stop me from burning myself when attempting to make a cup of tea. The water comes out fast and hot. I have found that you should put the tea cup as close to the spout as you can to prevent the hot water from splashing onto your hand. With that said it is so nice to make a quick cup of hot tea with instant hot water from the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser.

In conclusion the Hot water is hot and the Cold water is cold. I recommend the Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler.

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The Avalon Bottom Loading Water Cooler Water Dispenser was on sale for approximately $162 and can be purchased at Amazon as well as many other major retailers. Click the link below to get yours.

Get yours today at Amazon. Avalon Bottom Loading Water Dispenser.

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