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Home woodworking shop air cleaner.

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I have had the WEN 3410 Air filtration system for a month now and I really feel like I can breathe better in my shop. If you want to see how I set this thing up, then this is the article for you.

You are probably wondering why I am wearing a tinfoil hat. There are a lot of dangerous things in the home woodworking shop. One of the most dangerous is saw dust, believe it or not. Saw dust is made up of tiny splinters that will get stuck in your sinuses and in your lungs. These tiny splinters can cause some serious health problems over time. Especially sawdust from manufactured woods like MDF. These types of woods are made with chemicals. The tiny splinters coated with chemicals can greatly increase the long-term health effects caused by sawdust.

I know a lot of people that always say they love the smell of sawdust, especially pine. But even the saw dust for natural woods can cause long term health effects. So, what can we do about it? The 1st thing we can do is wear a dust mask. A bonus tinfoil hat tip is to keep your dust mask on when you are done cutting or sanding wood. Don’t take off your dust mask until you have cleaned up your work area. Use a Shop Vac to clean up all the sawdust before you go onto the next step. I don’t know how many times I have taken my dust mask off and there is so much dust in my shop that I can barely breath.

“If you really want to go all out, you can get yourself a WEN 3410 Air Filtration System. I have not always been the best at keeping my shop clean. I am trying to change that, and the WEN Air Filtration System is a big part of that. ”

The WEN 3410 Air Filtration System comes with all the mounting hardware you will need to mount this unit to your celling. It has 4 orange coated hooks that screw into the unit and 4 hooks that screw into the studs in your ceiling. It also comes with 4 chains so that you can position it between the studs in your ceiling.

Step one: Attach the included 4 orange coated hooks to the unit by running the 4 nuts nearly to the top of the threads on the orange coated hooks. Next remove the 4 screws from the top of the unit. This will allow you to screw in the orange coated hooks. Now you can screw the orange hooks into the top of the unit. Use a wrench to firmly tighten the nuts and orange coated hooks to the top of the unit.

Sep two: Figure out the best place to hang the unit from the ceiling. I chose to put the unit behind my garage door opener with the vent facing towards the garage door. I used the bolts on the garage door opener to locate the studs. Next, I used a stud finder to confirm the location of the studs. I used a drill and a drywall screw to put a piolet hole in the studs. Now you can screw in the 4 hanging hooks. I used a screwdriver at an angle to get some leverage on the hooks. This greatly speeds up the installation process.

Step three: The chains were too long for me. I preferred the unit a little higher. So, I shortened the chains by looping them through the ends. This is like putting a key on a key ring.

Step four: Now it’s time to mount the unit to the ceiling. The unit was not too heavy for me to lift. I could hold it with one arm while I attached to chains to the hooks on the ceiling. I attached the two hooks farthest away from me 1st and the two closest to me at the end.

Step five: Plug it in and test it out. The other reason that I chose to attach the unit behind the garage door opener was because it required a 3-prong outlet and there was one next to the garage door opener. After testing it I secured the excess cord to the bracket next to garage door opener.

Sep six: put the batteries in the remote and set it up to run for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air in your shop.

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For more information on the Wen air filtration system you can check out my Amazon affiliate link below if you are interested in purchasing the Wen air filtration system.

Includes a 1-micron filter and a 5-micron pre-filter.

Dimensions – 17” L x 20.5” W x 10” H

Electrical Requirements – 120V, 60 Hz, 1A

Air flow – 300/350/400 cubic feet per minute

Cover rooms up to – 400 sq ft.

Noise rating – 50 to 60 dB

RF remote system allows for operation from any angle of the room.

Programmable timer automatically shuts unit off.

Remote control allows users to set timer.

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That Hobby
That Hobby
29. März 2021

Thank you for reading my blog post. "Step six: set it up to run for a few hours and enjoy the fresh air in your shop."

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