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Joy Pebble Ice Maker Unboxing and Set Up

Our ice maker has been on the fritz. It hasn't worked for two months now. I usually just take the ice tray out and let it defrost. Then after a couple days or weeks it'll start working again. However, after two whole months of no ice we finally decided that it was time for a replacement. Luckily I got this ice maker sent to me from Joy Pebble to review.

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The Joy Pebble Ice Maker is quick and easy to set up. In a few simple steps, you'll be on your way to enjoying a nice, ice cold drink.

Step 1. Leave Upright for 2 Hours

Your ice maker should come with a note that reads "Before plugging in your ice maker, allow it at least 2 hours to stand upright for the refrigerant fluid to settle."

Step 2. Fill With Water

Take the water container from out of the back of your ice maker, fill it with water, and then put it back in.

Step 3. Plug In

Plug your ice maker into a nearby outlet. In order to avoid any issues, you'll want to plug it into an outlet that has nothing else plugged into it.

Step 4. Run Cleaning Mode

Hold the ON/OFF button for exactly 5 seconds in order to switch to cleaning mode. Wait approximately 10 minutes for the unit to finish cleaning.

Step 5. Take Out Drain Plugs

Take out the two drain plugs at the bottom of your ice maker and let all the water drain out. Don't forget to put them back in once you're done.

Finally, press the ON/OFF button. If its blue, then your ice maker is now making ice.

Using Your Own Water

The thing I really liked about this ice maker which sets it above something like our old refrigerator ice maker, is that it allows you to choose your own water. The water from my refrigerator is filtered through a very tiny filter causing it to taste somewhat bitter. So, getting to use the water from the three large filters under my sink is definitely a big improvement in taste.


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In conclusion, the Joy Pebble Ice Maker proves to be a functional and convenient ice maker. The ease in which it can be set up, maintained, and used, makes for a welcome addition to any kitchen, waiting room, or anywhere else you might want to put an ice maker.

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Thank you for reading , and I hope this review helps you make an informed decision about the Joy Pebble Ice Maker.

Please leave a comment sharing your experience and thoughts if you've used this product before, your feedback would be much appreciated.

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